Styles of Lehenga Dupatta Draping

| April 14, 2015

Wedding day is the very special day and unmemorable day for a bridal. The bridal does her wedding preparations with full attention and she wants to look like a princess on the wedding day. She chooses the best designer dress for the wedding day. On the wedding day the sandal, dress, jewelry and the makeup are done according to the will of the bridal.

In the south Asian countries bridal wears the Lehenga kurti with dupatta and the dupatta draping is the main thing in the bridal getup. Here we have the different styles of Lehenga dupatta draping. There are the various styles to drape the dupatta with the Lehenga on the wedding day in which traditional style like one side on one shoulder and the another side on the other shoulder,

drape the dupatta like a saree, drape the dupatta in the u shape, drape the dupatta in an angle shape, drape the double dupatta one on head and one on shoulder, drape the dupatta half on head and half tag on west, drape the dupatta one on shoulder and the other side on the hand and you can also wrap the dupatta with Lehenga kurti. These are all styles of the draping the dupatta with Lehenga kurti are amazing and easy to make.

lehenga dupatta draping styles (1)

lehenga dupatta draping styles (2)

lehenga dupatta draping styles (3)

lehenga dupatta draping styles (4)


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