The Most Common Tradition and Customs in German Wedding

| December 16, 2016

In German tradition just to marry in church is not enough and that is not considered legal but to make you marriage legal you need to arrange a civil ceremony. German has its own traditions and customs and the ways to arrange a wedding ceremony. In civil ceremony that takes place one day before the church marriage only the close relatives and friends are invited. This takes place in civil hall and in the presence of parents and two witnesses the civil marriage takes place. This ceremony in German is called Standsbeamte.

After this ceremony the very next day there is arranged another ceremony called ‘Polterabend’ in which relatives and friends bring old kitchenware and porcelain to break in front of the bride and groom with the thought that it will bring good luck to them. The bride and groom have to clean the entire smash making a vow that they will not let anything break in their home.

Before the church ceremony the groom and his friends also celebrate bachelor’s party and this is called junggesellenabschied.
On the third day church ceremony takes place in which the bride wears a white dress without train. The bridal carries with her bread and salt which symbolizes good omen. She also carries in her bouquet the lengths of white ribbon which is then tied to their antenna after their wedding. Groom normally carries grain that symbolizes wealth and good luck and he is found dressed in black tuxedo.

Some important events and games that can be observed in German traditions of wedding;

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•    After the wedding ceremony every one drives to the party venue with their car antenna honking their horns there.

•    Brautentfuhurung is a very interesting wedding game in German tradition in which the kidnapping of the bride id done by the friends of the groom. The groom has to find out her bride in pubs and then have to invite all people there.

•    Another game is the veil dance in which people present at wedding can dance with groom and bride for which they have to pay. The bide is left blindfolded with bridesmaid around her and whoso ever is caught by the bride is supposed to marry next.

•    In the cake cutting ceremony there can be seen a lovely fighting between the bride and the groom because it is said that whoever won to have upper hand while slicing the cake will wear the pants.

Bride and groom cutting wedding cake, side view

•    After the wedding when the couple exit the church people present there throw rice on them and it is believed that the number of rice stay at the brides hair will tell how many children they are going to have on the future life.

•    There is another interesting game and that is the cutting of tree by bride and groom that show there unity and strength to face the coming challenges that might come on their way o future life.

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•    At the wedding evening the father of bride and groom made speeches. A wedding newspaper is also formed by the friends of the couple that is to sail and they manage the cost of their honeymoon in the amount they receive after selling the newspaper.

•    The wedding rings of the couple usually are identical and they wear wedding rings on right hands.

•    The hood of wedding car can also be seen decorated with flowers.
The bride and groom have to stay there until the single guest has not gone. The friends of newlywed never miss any chance to tease them. They try to make their first night as difficult as possible filling the room with balloon or putting alarm clocks there.

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