10 Fabulous Silk Sarees of Kancheepuram For Ladies

| September 23, 2014

Kancheepuram :

Kancheepuram is a renowned city of India and situated in the North East of Tamil Nadu. This is most popular due to its distinguished crafted world famous silk saree.  Kancheepuram is also recognized for its culture and civilization. This historical city is district headquarter of the temple town. Kancheepuram is easily reached city from the state capital Chennai. This is gorgeous city and a place to visit for everyone.

Kancheepuram saree:

India is the name of popular fashion industry and it is a place that inspires the fashion and many designing styles. Indian is the state of many faiths, traditions and customs that is renowned always conventional and authentic wearing style. Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi cities are prominent their particular dressing vogue but today we are going to talk about traditional and cultural ladies outfit that is recognized its historical and cultural city’ name. Kancheepuram saree is a type of silk saree that most prominent in South Asian countries especially in India and Bangal. This saree weave with silk naturally material by Kancheepuram weavers and significance of its distinguished is wide contrasted border that usually design with quilt different shades and pattern from the body. Here, we brought 10 most gorgeous and illustrious saree design for ladies.

Multi colors kancheepuram saree:

1 best Kancheepuram silk sarees for women

Kancheepuram saree is one of the most inspiring and impressive sarees that design with silk fabric in orange, green, maroon and golden. All colors are bright and vibrant with leaf style weaving pattern.

 Blue weave silk saree:

2 blue Kancheepuram silk sarees for women


Woven silk saree is most durable and prominent saree in Indian ladies outfits. This luxury and stunning saree is especially sees on festival and wedding occasions. Light and dark blue contrasted colors saree is weaved with floral design and decked with golden ribbon.

Golden-brown illustrious saree:

3 brown Kancheepuram silk sarees for women

Saree dress is most popular in India wear by ladies that wear it casually. This fabulous and authentic saree particularly wear on parties, festivals and wedding occasions by customary women. This silk saree is design by petite exclusive pattern with different elegant wide ended pallo.

 Contrasted border silk saree:

4 ferozy Kancheepuram silk sarees for women

Silk saree is an integral part of Indian weddings and celebrations. This weave silk saree is create by sky blue and golden silk threads in exclusive style with alluring bottom and draping pallo style that are quite different from body pattern.

Kancheepuram weave saree:

5 Kancheepuram silk sarees for women  2014


This distinctive thing of Kancheepuram saree is wide exclusive draping pallo of saree that are particularly design from sophisticated huge pattern. This saree made with dark and vibrant colors like maroon, green and golden and best for night functions.

 Purple& pink contrasted saree:

6  great Kancheepuram silk sarees for women

This Indian silk saree is design with lovely and authentic contrasted colors like purple, pink and green touch. Chevron and leaves design is created on this saree fabric and looks alluring and fascinated.

Gorgeous blue Kancheepuram saree:

7  latest Kancheepuram silk sarees for women

This is best and exceptional weave saree in this collection that design by blue color that is in the present time trendy and most prominent color among ladies outfit. Kancheepuram blue saree is featured by pink and sky blue floral pattern and golden chevron draping style pallo.

 Red Indian banarsi saree:

8  mahroon Kancheepuram silk sarees for women

Red color is bright, trendy and romantic color and ladies mostly prefer this color on wedding celebrations. This saree decked by golden banarsi weaven pattern and really looks stunning and impressive.

Magenta with golden Indian saree:

9 new Kancheepuram silk sarees for women

India is renowned and culture fashion industry and always most give prefer Indian style in South Asian countries. In this picture you are seeing a fabulous and enchanting kancheepuram saree that design with magenta and golden contrasted color with floral pattern. This saree is best and appealing wedding outfit for girls.

 Banarsi saree for wedding:

10 purple Kancheepuram silk sarees for women

Saree dress is most common attire in India but now this trend is adopted Pakistan and new generation looked more interest in this traditional dress. This saree is made with pink and purple colors and more prominent with golden touch.

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