2017 Spring Summer Collection by Antonio Grimaldi

| March 17, 2017

The winter season is end and the  spring season is going on with light summer  because after the spring the summer season is very near o the designers are very conscious about the introducing their new style dresses  among the ladies and their fans .

women start searching on the different websites, fashion magazines and the other catalogue  because they want to look unique and fashionable from first of all so all the Asian and the western designers are come in the field of fashion  so the  fashion weeks are start the model are  doing  catwalk for the different collections .

Many unique and colorful dresses  are made by the designer Antonio  that are in the different styles colors and embroidery which you can carry in the formal functions, semi formal and casually all the dark and light colors are used  if you want to carry different style dresses with fine cuts , graceful embellishing and the decent stuff then stay with us and see the different dresses  for summer and spring both seasons.

Red shaded different dress:

1. Antonio Grimaldi Spring Summer 2017 Couture Collection

Red color is mostly used by the girls because it is very blush color  and in the designers collection this shade is must  for spring season red color is best and the designer has designed different dresses for the young girls  in red. Halter neckline  sleeveless pleated  dress is looking so beautiful all the dress is simple only in the  crystal stone embedded sash is used  with it wear the black high heel pumps and the black jewelry for the graceful look in the red color one shouldered dress is best for those girls who want to look more stylish  the crinkle style is on the shoulder  and the bottom is fully wrinkle style in red one sleeve  georgette dress is looking nice with black stud the sleeve is in the bell bottom style.

Black color dresses:

2. Antonio Grimaldi Spring Summer 2017 Couture Collection

Black color is best for  every event it is not in the dark and not in light you can wear it formally and casually both ways  so the chiffon stuff long gown in the halter neckline  the neckline is embellished with beads  whole  gown is pleated  and in the black full net dress is also carried by the  models that  is in very unique style  it is floor length  sleeveless from this dress your all feminine beauty is prominent  on the night parties carry these dresses with black sandal silver is also gorgeous with black.

Pink brown color dresses:

3. Antonio Grimaldi Spring Summer 2017 Couture Collection

In the collection of designers  different dresses and colors are used  so the pink color  the loose style palazzo  with long coat in open style that is also in the  same color the back  is in the long trail style it is sleeveless with it wear the black color flip flop and the black earrings with the  choker that is very trendy now a day’s another dress is also  in the pink dress  that you can also wear it casually  long  pant with shirt that is embellished with the  with the lace for making the pajama prominent the lace is used you can wear this dress in the evening functions.

Shimmery and sparkling dress in muddy color:

4. Antonio Grimaldi Spring Summer 2017 Couture Collection

Muddy color is very light  and look natural so you can wear the muddy color dresses in the summer season  one shoulder strap dress  pleated floor length is looking so nice on the neckline the  silver Swarovski lace is used  and the strap of the dress is also made with this lace  you can wear the silver sandal with this dress in the muddy color  fully sparkling and the shiny dress is made by the designer  spaghetti strap  bateau neckline  with this dress only black bracelet and the ring is good .self printed net dress  fully printed the beauty is exposing from this dress in the center the strips are used which are making your dress fabulous.

White and cream color dresses:

5. Antonio Grimaldi Spring Summer 2017 Couture Collection

White color is liked by sophisticated ladies it give them great look so in the white color many styles are common top with trouser skirt the top is fully embellished with the fancy work  and the silk trouser is with the top and the back of the trouser is in the skirt style  floor length skirt is in back with it  wear nude color pointed pumps  in the white color long gown simple  is also included for the casual Look  in the center for the waist fitting the belt is used. In cream color dress the gown is made the neckline  is in ban style the holes are at the both side of the gown  under the back the fringes shawl id used in the cape style.



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