Chambray Threads 2016 Collection for The Ladies

| January 28, 2017

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The dresses are not in some style and the designs the limit of dresses are very much which are carried by the girl  because the  girls become fed up with the dull  dressing they want to carry something different and unique  and  their dresses should be different from the other girls  the designer know the choice and the taste of the  girls they design the different and the trendy things for their customers .

the chambray is the well known brand of the  threads their collection is always liked by the girls because the color combination is very  good and liked by   the every age  dark colors are selected by the designer  which give them a beautiful look  the style is very unique and the  dresses which give yo a  good look are here you can see these dresses for your semi formal and the casual look.

Dark green shade dress:

1. Thredz Chambray Collection for womens 2016

Green color is very nice color it look  beautiful to our eyes  so the green color  shirt with white pajama is nice choice  short kurta style green shirt with the web designing on the side of the  shirt  with  Patti neckline you can use the green color glittered button on the shirt  with round sleeves  carry it with the white color  pajama and the trouser for the nice look  green color jump suit style  dress  short shirt with the crossing strip on it is new style  with the same color trouser  with  it you can apply the shoking pink lipstick and the black pointed high heel pumps for the best look.

Grey color dress:

2. Thredz Chambray Collection for womens 2016

Grey color is very decent  and nice choice  short shirt with the  round neckline  two sided loose shirt is looking very nice it is beautiful style and you can carry it  with the same Shalwar  umbrella sleeves  with the black laces on the sleeves and the  and the neckline you can carry it in any get together  with the black high heel sandal and the  jewelry in the antique style for the best look grey color is very decent  for the girls and very few girls carry this  color but when you carry it give you an elegant look and in this dress you feel comfort.

Coral pink color dresses:

3. Thredz Chambray Collection for womens 2016

In the pink color a most   stylish and trendy color  that give you a decent and sweet look and the pink color is the   favorite color of the  girls they carry different dresses  in their routine so  here the tunic style shrug style and the tops are  designed for you by the chambray pink color simple bell bottom tunic with the full sleeves  cut style in the side of the shirt and boat neckline with the white pie pin  and the printed  trouser is looking nice. High and low style  frock in the pink color the neckline is embellished with the full  sleeves  with white fully printed trouser  and in the pink color shrug style is also very graceful  white dress with the  shrug style coat  pointed sleeves and the printed trouser are looking very enchanting.

Blue color dresses:

4. Thredz Chambray Collection for womens 2016

In the blue color many styles are common among the girls the  chambray has designed the  blue color high and low shirt with the pockets  v neckline the lace is embellished  on the sleeves v and in the blue color  another style is embroided green color  lace is used on the neckline and the sleeves end  with v neckline and you can carry it with white Capri and the trouser  and in the grey bluish color  open style shirt with the  round style  border and the cut out sleeves  with the ribbons and the zip is looking amazing you can wear it with the white  trousers and the Shalwar.

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