Fantastic Firdous Marina Shawl Collection

| December 3, 2014

Firdous textile mills, prologue:

Firdous stands among the high ranked Pakistan textile mills. A great synonym of elegance and quality is considered by its clients. Since 1970, Firdous is offering most fabulous and unique styles to soothe the high ended aspirations of fashion lovers. Firdous understand keen sensibility of sophistication and put it in its offerings.

Around about the ears this competent icon presents latest collections according to season. As winter is at entry step so Firdous is also here with its most terrific and exclusive styles of dresses. These dresses are presented in special collection “Firdous Marina Shawl Collection”. This awesome collection is based upon alluring long and short dresses which are paired with pajamas and printed shawls.

For extraordinary modish tastes, thee shawl dresses are greatly awesome to explore the magnificence if their personality. These dresses are beautified with classy embroideries and printed shawls. Let’s briefly explore gorgeous magnificence of these well designed fantastic dresses.

Full sleeve knee length shirt with pajama:

1 Firdous Marina Shawl Collection 2014-15 (7)

This impressively marvelous dress is based upon knee length shirt, pajama and printed shawl. This fetching dress is beautified with decent color scheme and impressive embellishments. Elegance embroidery and grace of splendid printed patterns are increasing classy magnificence of this fabulous dress. Exclusive stitching style is also increasing its fantastic grace. For modish girls this excellent dress is marvelously awesome.

Long loose shawl dress:

2 Firdous Marina Shawl Collection 2014-15 (9)

This excellently well designed dress has charming elegance of impressive stitching designing and superb embellishments. Long shirt is beatified with contrast fabric designing and lace. Long sleeve are with long shirt is fetchingly increasing its enchanting grace. Splendid design of exclusive printed shawl is further increasing its charming elegance. Girls can explore their elegance through such awesome dress in inspiring way.

Plain shirt with printed shawl:

3 Firdous Marina Shawl Collection 2014-15 (8)

Grace of well stitched long dress is conspicuous here. This fabulously excellent long shirt is beautified with bottom lace deigning and contrast fabric designing. Open shirt demonstration is further increasing its gorgeous grace. Impressive printed shawl in accommodating embellishing patterns with shirt and sleeve designing are authentically increasing its charming grace. This dress is fantastic for stylish girls.

Full embroidered long shirt with shawl:

4 Firdous Marina Shawl Collection 2014-15 (10)

Superb full embroidered long shirt in excellent color and charming stitching style is shared in this picture. Thu marvelous shirt is beautified with excellent embroidered shirt which has contrast neckline designing also this fetching shirt is beautified with marvelous printed shawl and pajama. This terrific dress is opulent in its enchanting with and exclusively best selection for splendid tastes.

Fabulous shawl outfits by Firdous Marina collection:

Some more alluring designs of impressive dresses are shared in below presented gallery. This fantastic gallery is tremendously fascinating and teemed with exciting designs of exclusive dresses offered by prestigious Firdous Marina Shawl Collection. Have an impressive glance of gallery with admiring eyes and select some impressive designs if elegant dresses for your classy personality.

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