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| December 20, 2014

About La perla Italian fashion brand

La perla is prestigious expensive Italian private fashion brand that is most recognized in the world from its lingerie attires. This well-stand and renowned company kept its initial step in the fashion industry since 1954 in Bologna, Italy by corset-maker Ada Masotti. La Perla offers sexy and fantastic outfits such as beachwear, nightwear, ladies inner clothes and some other wearing accessories.

Today, I am going to share La Perla dressing gowns collection that is really valuable and enchanting. This greatest anthology comprises on thigh length, knee length and ankle length gowns those are made with luxury and gorgeous satin and viscose materials.

Dazzling and vibrant glossy shades you will find in this exquisite and modernistic ladies wardrobes. Some alluring gowns are adorned with hand-made embroidered frastaglio laces. Let see below I am going to allocate an enormous anthology of enchanting and fascinated ladies gowns.

Grey silky gown with identical extension

1 la perla dressing gown collection

In this picture, you can see a girl is wearing tremendously graceful and quite shade gown that is made with extremely soft and comfortable grey silk and stitched in loose-fitting and thigh length vivacious vogue with leaped collar neckline. Hem, cuffs, waist belt and neck huge collar is designed with georgette identical tones fabric that look enormously chic and fabulous.

Stretchy viscose jersy gown for ladies

2 la perla dressing gown collection (5)

This light blue baggy fitting relaxed gown looks awesome stylish and fascinated because this is made with extremely soft and elastic viscose fabric and skillfully stitched with deep neckline and knotted detached waist belt style.

Lace-embroidered chic gown

3 la perla dressing gown collection (13)

Look at this elegant and captivated impressive gown that is made with pure satin silk in golden glossy shade and sewed by veteran dressmaker. This gorgeous tempting gown has deep neckline, thigh length, and huge waist belt and three quarter sleeves. This awesome stylish gown is adorned with magenta handmade- created stunning laces that enhance the magnificent of this glorious dress.

Long leg slit gown with embroidered waist belt

4 la perla dressing gown collection (9)

This striking and impressive gown is designed by Italian fashion brand La Perla by utilized silk and satin finest material and stitched with appreciated and admired couture. Leaped collar, gorgeous same shade embroidery, tight chic buttons cuffs and long leg slit are giving this dress ultra-classic and modern glance.

Here, you can see further more fascinated and charming La Perla gowns collection that is really dazzling and magnificent. I believe, you will must like this idealistic and exceptional contemporary gowns collection.

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