Latest Eid Collection For Girls by Silaayi Designers

| July 21, 2014

Silaayi designers:

Silaayi is the latest new fashion brand in Pakistan. This brand has been recognized before some months and aimed to provide highly stylish clothing and ready to wear garments to accessorize you in each and every possible way. In this short period of establishment Silaayi has gained popularity in the world of the prêt and tailoring. The brand is formed with the association of four friends designer Maryam Kamal, Alina Iftikhar, Adil Mufti and Wasif Arshad. With combined partnership of these four designers Silaayi has launched its latest Eid collection for women and girls.

In the upcoming Eid season, now you can enjoy with the benefits of the Silaayi clothing’s and ready to wear. They have used bright vibrant color with the pure smooth fabric of cotton, paired with tights. The colors are most vivacious and energetic that will definitely make your Eid memorable and pleasurable.
We have some fantastic assortments of Silaayi Designers that will surely amazed you and convince you to buy these outfits. Have an complimentary glimpse on all these captivating clothing by Silaayi designers.

Black gown with red shirt:

1. Silaayi Designer Women Eid Dresses Collection (4)

Silaayi designers have the ability to make possible their clients with exhilarating collection of every season. Their clients gain advantage with the new and latest designed outfits in every season. They have established a reputed place in the hearts of their clients so they always wait for their impending ready to wear. This dress is presenting a splendid charm with the nicely tailored red shirt pared with black tights and having a long black gown to offer an baroque appearance to your whole exterior.

Black and white long shirt:

2. Silaayi Designer Women Eid Dresses Collection (5)

In the upcoming Eid event, now you have exciting gallery to select fantastic clothing for your Eid dress. This long black shirt is fairly printed with flowery impact and paired with black tights. This dress you can also be used as casual or informal wearing at festivals and home celebrations. On the day of the joyful event, now festooned you with the Silaayi costumes and outfits.

White shirt by Silaayi designers:

3. Silaayi Designer Women Eid Dresses Collection

Silaayi is the place from where you can get some selected and preferred suiting for your own choice. Silaayi modernize you in each and every step of the fashion and accessorized you with wonderful collection in every season. Now this white dress facilitates you to beautified you with the simplicity of this attractive white shirt and strike yourself with the inspiring stare.

Loose designed shirt:

4. Silaayi Designer Women Eid Dresses Collection (8)

The beautifully dazzling dress with mind blowing printed shirt having a length of ankle is giving a day light sophisticated impact and a breathtaking collision on the visional. The wardrobe is fairly tailored and designing is the art of the Silaayi designers.

Silaayi has given their clients a chance to attract themselves in the pure alluring of their designing. The designers used most elegant color combination in each and every dressing to provide an enchanting appearance to tem. All the attires are so startling and enthralling in their features and attributes. They also give a huge expectation to wear in the day time or in some events, they will definitely make you a stunner and a entrancing personality among the spectators.

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