Latest Lawn Collection by Maria B

| July 16, 2014

About Maria B:

The great popular glamorous name in the Pakistan fashion industry is Maria B. Maris B is the women with experienced designing and has an artistic mind and a well cognizant personality all over the world. She has also called the stake of Pakistan fashion industry who leads to the Pakistani fashion not only in Asian countries but also in European countries and USA. Maria B has commenced a lot of great designed dresses relates to the wedding, formal and informal wearing and specifically recently she has launched latest summer collection which is really admired by their customers. She has started her career during her student life as internees in Belgium, this fashion show expressly arranged for young artist.

Quick glance on the summer collection:

Recently Maria B has launched a tremendous new range of summer collection for the style lover girls and ladies. She has a great experience in selecting the choices of the ladies. There summer collections attires are enriched with fabulous prints and a smooth fabric that is the demonstration of the comfy and an ease. So have an admiring and accepted gaze on the excellent assortments of Maria B’s summer collection clothing.

Mehwish Hayat print collection:

1. Maria B New Summer Lawn Collection (10)

Every girl is most conspicuous and cognizant about the stylish and stunning dressing. They are crazy about the magnificent and distinctive designed clothing as compared to the others. For these types of girls Maria B is the best choice.  Mehwish Hayat is displaying the outstanding summer lawn collection by Maria B in an exclusively trendy way. Striking colors are magnificently amazing in its absorption and breathtaking prints is highly admiring by the bystanders. Maria B summer collection reflects the awesome outfits that are likely by the celebrities and are the selection of every chic woman.

Green and brown lawn collection:

2. Maria B New Summer Lawn Collection (1)

Wearing stylish and splendid designed outfits are highly demanding and likely by the girls for their extraordinary charm and allure. They want to wear stunningly amazing outfits regarding summer season, for hits purpose Maria B has launched her fascinating artistic designed prints that are finally observed by the girls and love to take for their formal and informal occasions.

A line shirt in summer collection:

3. Maria B New Summer Lawn Collection (2)

Highly exclusive designed dress designed by Maria B for the facilitation of the girls is incredibly presented for you. Marvelously new design A line shirt with fair printing of red color is nicely augment the grace and captivating appearance of the wearer. This summer collection is stunningly worn by the chic and voguish personalities for their mind blowing exterior and outlook.

Ban neckline summer collection:

4. Maria B New Summer Lawn Collection (8)

One of the most exclusive and exceptional collection of Maria B is in front of you, which adds a dazzling affect to your individuality. This is the highly admiring design which shows the choice and preference of the girls. Amazingly designed in white color with dazzling color combinations increases the integrity and kindness to your gaze. The entire manifestation of the dress absorbs the spectators and stops their sights on the dress.

Further collections by Maria B:

Summer season has very hot climate weather and very one wants to wear smooth soft prints that suits to their personalities in this season.  Maria B has achieved an immense popularity in designing such a polished and dramatic collection of summer season. She has the ability to attract the enthrallment by her customers and feel them a fantastic glance. All the assortments by Maria B is presenting in an impressive manner to show the enchantment and attraction for dominating personalities. Each and every design of her collection presents an elite and magnetic touch in your attitude and stance. She has used striking color combinations like rangoli colors, distinctive color amalgamation and obviously startling colors.  All the dazzling and splendid printed fabric is adequately designed that is highly complimentary at this summer season.

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