Luxe Winter Collection 2016-2017 by Natasha Kamal

| October 8, 2016

The most lovely and much awaited season winter has arrived with new fashion and new styles. Every woman would desire to stuff her wardrobe with different outfits and costumes and she would like to have the best of them. She would like to wear those outfits which look suitable according the season. Everyone is looking at the designers for their new collection what they have brought for them in this winter to make their appearance striking and elegant. Natasha Kamal is an emerging star in the field of fashion and to the very much extent she has made her name for introducing new outfits with various designs and style pattern. Now for this winter, she has launched her outstanding winter collection titled ‘Luxe Winter Collection 2016-2017. In this stock we can see, dresses with new designing and stitching pattern.

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Mostly calm and serene colors are visible in the collection in beautiful shades. Black, white colors are the most prominent colors in the collection. The colors with different shades are looking awesome and giving the outfit another level of charm. We can see a variety of dresses as in trousers with blouse, skirts with half or full blouse, short shirts with front open and shirts in kurta style. All dresses are very modish and modern provoking the feminism of the woman wearing them. It would be a privilege for women to wear these dresses.

These dresses are simple and modish at the same time. Although there is not heavy embroidery found but the stitching pattern and style is enough to make the dress a party wearing dress. These dresses can opt for going outdoor evening functions. In white color skirt paired with blouse a woman will look elegant and attractive. The skirts and trousers are simple but designing on blouse or shirts is elevating the whole charm.

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Black and white both colors are looking warm and giving somehow serene effect. On black dress intrigue designing on short shirts is looking fabulous. In the above picture a dress is shown that comprises simple boot-cut trousers and short sleeveless shirt high above the knee. The dress is looking outstanding and working girls can wear it with comfort and ease. You can wear a bracelet and watch and then match black flat shoes with it. The dress will help you to keep active and look fresh all the day long.

Natasha Kamal is a very promising fashion designer and in this collection she has shown her talent and ability to design modern dresses in wearable form. The dresses are giving an aesthetic look. These are very eye-catching and striking. If you are at some function or party these dresses will help to cast a spell on others and have all eyes on you. One of the conspicuous elements of the dresses is that they are stuffed with genuine fabric in its most graceful form

So here are the dresses found in Natasha Komal collection for winter which will give your wardrobe a very stunning and beautiful dimension. Girls will love to wear them. It seems that Natasha Komal will get more popularity among women after her remarkable collection of this winter.

Natasha Kamal Laid back Luxe Winter Collection 2016-2017  (5)

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