Morri Khwaab Gah Pre Fall Collection 2016-2017 Catalog Has Astonishing Dresses

| September 21, 2016

Morri clothing 2016-2017 Khwaab Gah is collection of exquisite formal dresses. Brand took inspiration from the art and designs from around the world and contemporary design with modern women to give tribute to the legacy of the old world celebrates the fusion. Noun cuts and a majestic color palette is characterized by a realistic view of nutritious, spicy dark spaces lighted a stark and compelling immediacy Amina Babar starring in colors to create a party. Hammad Sadiq is the creative head of the label described this collection as a selection of different inspirations, East and west together in one place.

In the pictures a woman is there in the room, she is in love and dreaming all sorts of emotions. It takes a moon light night and birds next to roses glow in bloom. Her hearts passion warm fireplace and lantern around antenna is synonymous with love. All the dresses are master pieces and to define the prestigious elegance of this dress silver thread work and pearls are grabbing the minds.

Peacock inspired long train gown featured tremendous grace of complex details. Sleeveless dress is designed in light grey color in silk stuff and its upper lay is designed in chiffon and fully embellished with cut work and different kinds of materials. The dress is looking stunning with festive laser work art, stone work and pearls and the work is done on both sides of the dress front and back.  When you will carry this dress you will definitely be the centre of the party or function.

The other dress is also designed in the stuff of silk in light grey color the dress is unique because it is stitched in a very unique way. It has mysterious elegance of feathery patterns at lower part fully embellished with work and white long train full of work gown has a fabulous touch of opulent patterns. There is a short blouse of velvet with the shocking pink floor length gharara of georgette and the dress has a gown or jacket of shocking pink color same to gharara and the gown is fully decorated with lace or heavy work of different materials in grey and purple color. The dress is looking beautiful and perfect for a wedding ceremony.

Festive saree with romantic pattern is grabbing the eyes designed in the stuff of georgette in blue color with maroon strapless blouse. The saree is fully embroidered with same threads and its borders are embellished with floral embroidery of different colors and some pearls are place on the flowers of embroidery to enhance the beauty and grace of the dress. This saree can be used in parties and function carry high heel sandals and lightweight jewelry with this and you will look gorgeous.

The combination of midnight blue and grey is looking good in this dress. The blue saree is adorned with silver embroidery of threads, sequins, pearls and other materials short blouse in grey color is designed in silk stuff and fully embellished with same materials as in the saree. The pallu of the saree is full of jaal work and bottom border is heavier than the side borders. Silver grey jewelry will compliment your dress.
All the dresses of this collection are astonishing and every woman will like to carry these at special occasions.

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