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| September 2, 2016

Orient textiles has founded in the heart of industrial zone of Karachi in 2010. They are presenting high quality fabric in elegant designs and colors for every season since 2010. When rainy season stars in Pakistan due to Monson we call it sawan and in this season there is a lot of rain, people enjoy the rain by wearing colorful dresses and cooking some special kinds of foods which are specific for rainy season. So these things keep in mind orient textiles introduced their collection for sawan and give it the name of Sawan collection. In this article we will talk about the sawan collection in which all the dresses have dazzling designs in vibrant colors.

All of the dresses in sawan collection are designed in cotton cambric stuff and all shirts are designed in medium length with thread embroidery and astonishing prints and these shirts can be carried with cigarette pants, tulip trousers and Patiala shalwar also. In this sawan collection color combination is heart touching and amazing and all dresses of sawan collection will inspire you the most and you will love to buy it. Here is the catalog and image gallery of the Orient textiles of Sawan collection you can see the pictures and get the idea the how can you make your dress more beautiful according to the  modern trend.

The shirt in floral print with plain trouser in off-white color is designed in cotton cambric looking nice and you can embellish your shirt with lace or patch. The green color dress is stitched in short shirt with a tulip trouser. Thread embroidery is done on the border of the printed shirt to make the dress more beautiful. The shirt of this blue dress is designed in the stuff of net with all over embroidery in yellow color and dupatta and shalwar is in cambric stuff in blue color and there is another suit with different colors due and brown both are looking good.

Here is the combination of orange and navy blue color in this dress looking good with fully embroidered orange shirt that is made in the stuff of jacquard and a cigarette pant. You can also make a tulip trouser with this shirt. Thread embroidery is done around the neckline and border of the printed shirt in rose pink color and the pant is in grey color looking nice you can wear this in a family get together.

The dark pink shirt is looking good with thread embroidery and printed full sleeves; printed dupatta with plain shalwar the same dress in blue color is also looking good. The whole dress in light color is looking nice with embroidered shirt, jacquard dupatta and cambric shalwar. Embroidery of thread in red color is done around the hem line. Grey shirt with little embroidery in green color is stitched like a top and you can get the same design with orange embroidery both are looking good and can be worn on Eid day also and if you want to make a simple shirt in standard length then you can buy the same design in pink embroidery in your required length.

The shirt is designed in net and dupatta in cambric with a beautiful print and embroidery is done all over the shirt and stitched in standard length with long sleeves. We feel fresh to see the green color and this light green shirt with sea green embroidery looking good in the stuff of cambric and net patch is placed on the border of the shirt and long sleeves.  The whole dress in grey color and embroidery on shirt is done with light yellow and same thread looking nice.

In this collection printed shirts are decorated with embroidery to make them more beautiful so the pink shirt is also embroidered on border which we call Daman and on the long sleeves and this is perfect for your Eid day. Embroidery is done in a different style on the shirt looking unique. The front side of this shirt is embroidered and the back side is in floral print the pant also in printed cambric and the dress is looking good. Light sky blue color shirt with printed Daman and front embroidery is a nice choice.

Extra embroidered border is available with this light grey cambric shirt. Blue embroidery is done around the neckline of this printed shirt in light grey color. The white shirt in net is looking good with floral print of pink and green color and this shirt has an extra border with zari embroidery that you can attach with your shirt if you like and if you not then don’t, the choice is yours.

The combination of orange and cream color looking nice in this suit the shirt has floral print with plain cream pant. Short shirt in the stuff of jacquard with front embroidery is looking nice with cambric dupatta and textured pant. White embroidered trouser with printed shirt and extra embroidered border.
All the dresses in this collection are designed in the stuff of cambric and some in the net and jacquard to keep the choice of the customers in notice and all designs are available in different colors and you can buy these dresses online.

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