Party and Casual Wear Collection for Women 2014-2015 by Designer Rohit Bal

| December 12, 2014

Rohit Bal dresses collection for girls:

Pakistani and Indian designer are contributing in fashion industry since many years just for the development of fashion industry improvement. Rohit bal is an Indian fashion designer who was born in Kashmir. He is well respected man with successful career. He is the designer of man and women.

Every time Rohit bal trying to bring contemporary modernism in their designs. He has designed dresses for wedding, parties, formal and casual occasions. But today you will see party and casual wear apparels planned by Rohit bal.

if you want to get celeb shots then add into your appearance Rohit bal terrific styled wardrobes. Nothing is impossible for Rohit bal. recently he is again busy planning new data regarding ladies outfits for party season. Let’s see what you will copy for your style testimonial.

Crush gown style frock:

1. designer Rohit Bal Party and casual wear 2014-15 (1)

Girls are ready to dive in the scintillating depth of Rohit BAL’s clothing. Play with Intricate couture is the passion of Rohit bal. Rohit bal is imaginatory person who is willing to provide their customers superior and handy assortments. His up to date creations realize us about his efforts. This awesomely crush style frock is represent the Mughal era attire. Long multifarious gown is improving the absorption with its material and stuff.

Elegant wedding wear girls dress:

2. designer Rohit Bal Party and casual wear 2014-15 (4)

Indian fashion industry is running with the cooperation of its best designers and experts. Rohit bal is also adding his concentration fully in the expansion of ladies wardrobes. Banarsi dresses are considered rarely for wedding. Here Rohit bal insert banarsi touch in girls modes. These dresses are looking like anarkali dresses with the medley of crush dupatta in typically vintage style.

Casual dress for stylish girls:

3. designer Rohit Bal Party and casual wear 2014-15 (12)

Rohit bal is agree to give smile rays on clients face. So he designed some extraordinary casual sample for simply get to gather. For Indian and Muslim ladies he designed shirts with chooridar pajama. This pink plural statement shirt is not too long but looking impressive and catches the hearts of the girls. big shawl around the dress is showing the effect of winter and breeze days.

Graceful saree by Rohit bal:

4. designer Rohit Bal Party and casual wear 2014-15 (9)

With the name of Rohit bal the idea of traditional sarees come in mind. But he launched incredible saree styles not only for party instance but also for wedding inspiration. This presented saree image has inimitable velvet blouse with obscure applications of embroidery and sequins. Entire border of pallu is also piped with silky stuff.

Rohit bal entire collection is able to realize. Now you can see exclusive trial, patterns and samples for your looks. Make your merriments more pleasant and brilliant with this exciting gallery images from Rohit bal stash.


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