Skinny Jeans Pants for Girls 2014 Collection

| September 9, 2014

Trend of Skinny Jeans:

Jeans is one of those garments which are always in fashion no matters whether it is summer or winter season. Women are very much conscious about the purchase of jeans. Each woman has a unique shape of legs. So sometimes it seems very hard to find accurately fit jeans. In this case the skinny jean is the best option because it is easily adjustable. Now days, the trend of skinny jeans is becoming very much popular. A skinny jean is a type of jeans which hugs your legs & gives you a sleek appearance. Here, I am going to show some skinny jeans pants. I hope that you would appreciate the assortment. I try my best in order to include every color & design of skinny jean pant in this collection. Take a look!

Sky Blue Skinny Jeans Pant:

1 skinny Jeans pants for Summer 2014 For Girls (12)

In the very first picture you can see a sky blue color skinny jean pant. The slim & balanced figure ladies can go with skinny jeans because in case of obesity you may look very gauche. This color of skinny jeans is moderately in fashion.

Floral Print Skinny Pants:

2 skinny Jeans pants for Summer 2014 For Girls

For the purpose of achieving funky look mostly girls like to wear floral print skinny jean pant. In this case you should try to avoid the usage of printed top because a plain or simple top with printed skinny jeans looks better than a printed one.

Colorful Skinny Jeans Pants:

3 skinny Jeans pants for Summer 2014 For Girls (5)

What’s your opinion about colorful skinny jeans pants? Yes girls these also look very impressive. If you are bored from typical sky blue jeans then in this season you should try some other colors such as parrot, pink, red, off-white, navy blue etc.

White & Black Skinny Pants:

4 skinny Jeans pants for Summer 2014 For Girls (3)

White & black are the two main colors which are in demand because you can wear any color & style of top with these two colors of skinny jeans pants. So don’t forget to add white as well as black skinny jeans into your wardrobe in this season.

Blue Skinny Jeans:

Stars On The Set Of 'TMNT'

Blue jeans always look very nice & decent. It is the most commonly used colors of jeans. You can wear almost every color of top with it.

How to Accessorize a Skinny Jeans:

Don’t forget to accessorize your skinny jeans.


  • 1)    First of all choose a stylish top with skinny jeans. You can go with Flowy tops, crop tops, jackets, T-shirts etc. Stuff never matters I mean you can choose the stuff according to the demand of the prevailing season. Use medium or long size (knee length) tops with skinny jeans instead of too short tops or cardigans.
  • 2)    Similarly, a wise selection of footwear can add some style into your personality. Footwear selection is mostly depends on the style & stuff of your top. If you wear a delicate chiffon stuff top then I think a high heel or stiletto heel footwear is a wise selection. If you wear a coat in winter season then boot style footwear looks impressive. For a casual look you can wear simple or flay footwear with skinny jeans but for a formal look you should choose high heel footwear with jeans.
  • 3)    You should keep the color combination of your pants, top & shoe into your mind.
  • 4)    You can use jewelry such as bracelets (beaded, fabricate, metal, heart or much more), necklace (simple chains, pendants, double layered, feather necklaces etc) & wristwatches (sports or classy, diamond or antique).
  • 5)    Shoulder bag or clutch should always be chosen by keeping the color or stuff of jeans into mind.

Finding right kind of accessories with skinny jeans is not really a very tough task. You just need some concentration & artistic taste. For exploring some more skinny jeans you can check out the following picture gallery!

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