Spring Summer Collection By Warda Volume 1

| February 15, 2017

Winter season is  near to be end  and now the spring season is going on then the  summer is come so the dress should  be in  such style and stuff which is good for both seasons .the ladies are very excited for the new style dresses because they want to look stylish and decent from all the other ladies  when the season is near to be change the ladies start their searching on the  Google, fashion magazines , newspaper and many other places.

Designer know the choice and the  taste of the ladies  so they design different dresses for the ladies  which give them  great look the designers are very conscious for introducing their dresses  .warda who is the famous brand of the Pakistan when we talk abput the new dresses then warda is the first name which we want  to tell you so the warda has made  the new collection for their fans  if you want to see the dresses of warda then stay with us and see the different  dresses styles ,colors and stuffs .

Off white and grey shaded dress:

1. Warda Single Shirt Latest Spring Summer Collection 2017 (8)

In the dresses of warda you can see the different print here the botanic print on the dress the flowers in the orange color is in the center of dress  and on the border the mix print with full sleeves  shoulder cut and the pearl embellished lace on the  shirt border that is looking beautiful   the back is also printed the boot cut trouser with the full long dupatta that is in the Moroccan print botanic and the flowers are on the overall dupatta with nude color high heel  pumps with white stone. Your dress is good for the semi formal function.

Sky blue color dress:

2. Warda Single Shirt Latest Spring Summer Collection 2017 (11)

In the warda collection blush and the light  all colors are common  so the blue color is  favorite of many ladies  if  you like the sky blue color then carry the  sky blue color knee length shirt  printed sleeves with the  brown white and the blue color print in the floral and the booty style  with the boot cut  Sharara is looking nice with the chiffon dupatta  wear the high heel  peep toe shoes and the antique jewelry is the best choice  back is fully printed and the bell bottom sleeves.

Orange floral printed dress:

3. Warda Single Shirt Latest Spring Summer Collection 2017 (2)

Orange color is the best color for the spring because it is in shades it is very trendy now a days in the mehandi functions  the light orange color short top printed with the tiny flowers on the back and the big green and orange on the front with full loose bell bottom sleeves that are embellished with boot cut  Sharara  in the creamy color  and orange fringes lace is embellished on the dress  sleeves the dress is in the kaftan style.  With the chiffon printed dupatta  and high heel peep toe shoes in cream color is looking so beautiful.

Weskit style dress:

4. Warda Single Shirt Latest Spring Summer Collection 2017 (35)

The trend of weskit is increasing day by day among the men and women  so the skin color basic and the weskit is in the printed style  orange flowers with the castle made on the border of the shirt  it is sleeveless  the front is very dim and the back is bold fully printed with flowers and the leave  bind your weskit with the dory and the  boot cut trouser is looking nice with your weskit style dress  chiffon dupatta in the beautiful combination and print is looking so cute .

Angrakha style short shirt:

5. Warda Single Shirt Latest Spring Summer Collection 2017 (18)

Light sky blue short shirt  the sides are  printed in the blue  zig zag style and the center of the dress is printed in the yellow flowers  v neckline and angrakha style  zigzag in the yellow  color print  on the bottom with  sleeveless the sleeves are embellished with the pearl lace  and the  pistachio color boot cut  Sharara is looking fabulous  the dupatta is also in the floral print but in lawn and the overall dupatta is embellished with the zigzag patches.

Tea pink color dress:

6 Warda Single Shirt Latest Spring Summer Collection 2017 (27)

In the dresses of warda all the bold and light colors are included because it gives you great look  pink color is especially like by the young girls the  neckline is embellished with the golden print  flowers and the neckline  with button embellished is looking enchanting  off shoulder neckline with full sleeves that are printed  front is something dark and the back is in very light color  floral embellished with  boot cut trouser and the  light chiffon dupatta with it wear the  nude color pointed pumps  on the bottom of shirt the pearl lace is stitched for the get together party this dress is decent choice.


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