10 Worst Dress Styles not for Fat Girls

| October 22, 2015

Fat girls have a chance to go with wrong dressing, they do not go with suited one as a result there’s a panic of worst dressing. Some women do not have sense of fashion putting all styles to their fat bodies it does not look right. Even we have many fashion personalities with big size figure and following wrong fashion which make them fatter than before. There are many websites writing columns and guide the girls who has fat figure which kind of dressing they should follow. That’s why we should keep in mind always style yourself with the outfit that suits you the most in which your personality grooms not look worst. Such type of ridiculous dressing creates possibility for people to make fun of you. We have collected some pictures of artists who have dressed up wrong and make a statement in a way looking fat.

1.    Fat girls avoid animal prints and choker necklace

Animal Print  worst dress plus size

2.    A gown with flair will make you fat

classic black and sequined silver accent worst dress

3.    Worst dress style

grey Worst dress Styles for fat ladies

4.    Don’t go with bold hues and funky style

Worst dress Styles for fat girls (1)

5.    Pleated gown at breast will increase your size

Worst dress Styles for fat girls (2)

6.    Skinnies are not for plus size women

138th Kentucky Derby - Unbridled Eve Gala

7.    Plus size women should Avoid wearing anarkali frocks


8.    Stay away from this worst style


9.    Don’t expose your fat body parts too much to look sexy


10.    Stripes at hip line and breast will emphasis your silhouettes


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