Al Karam fall Winter Collection of Stitched and Unstitched Dresses for Women

| February 8, 2016

Winter washes out all the hot effects of summer and gives you chance to make yourself cool during winter days. Whenever a season is on the scene all the designers and brands look busy in launching their seasonal collections as one of them, the well known brand Al Karam has launched its fall winter ladies collection. Yet the brand has entered into the world of competition among fashion spheres in 2011 but find out its place easily due to the quality work that a customer demands. This brand knows well how to deal with a dressing line perfectly according to the season and surely fashion so this time they are introducing the enchanting dresses mostly you will find in unstitched and stitched dresses so that you may make a choice between stitched and unstitched kurtis.
the stuff is definitely khaddar and linen that is most reliable for winter days but talking out color scheme even I get impressed by the sophisticate line with awesome digital printing and the intricate hues of traditional embroidery cuts on shirts. But the prices are according to the dress demand and the use of embroidery. Separate shirts are also available while 2pc and 3pc suits are providing you choice of having both. To facilitate you we have collected such pictures on which the prices have been mentioned so that you could decide up to your budget.
The collection is dealing with the higher level quality which you can show in any reception or event to attain the satisfaction with your dressing code but these dresses are also casual for your normal winter days. Well now I just wanna unbind the collection to make you show its charm and charisma.

Blissful journey with linen dress:

1. stitched and unstitched Al Karam FallWinter collection for ladies

The linen dress presented by Al Karam is offering you splendid fittings and most importantly the crafty design of floral and intricate art is amazing. A visit to a murreee gets more charming, wearing this dress and to attain a fit persona ready to capture the beautiful scenes and surely your admiring appearance in the eye of camera.

Red winter dress:

2. stitched and unstitched Al Karam FallWinter collection for ladies

This is a lush choice for the red color lovers who also wanna go with all red in winter dressing. The cuts of resham linen embroidery on shirt are looking beautiful and to attend any party this one is absolutely your selection. The model has worn churidar pajama and shirt but it also up to you what type of style you want to have while stitching this outfit.

Eye popping color of dress:

3. stitched and unstitched Al Karam FallWinter collection for ladies

The freshness and coolness of the attire is keeping everyone’s heart mesmerize with fresh colors of green and dark brown and amazing thing is the sophisticate and cozy pashmina shawl that has designed with this dress.  Geometric print is prominent and the style of dress is in same manners matched with contemporary styles and hues.

Winter kurti with reasonable price:

4. stitched and unstitched Al Karam FallWinter collection for ladies

Every embroidered dress price starts from 4000 and goes up to it but you can go with embroidered kurtis of Al Karam winter collection with the range 0f 900-1250. Wear it and love to shop getting inspiration happily. You may pair this embroidered shirt with black color tights or even pant; it’s up to you whatever dressing pair you want to go with.

Gorgeous style of designing:

5. stitched and unstitched Al Karam FallWinter collection for ladies

The off white or skin based dress has been designed with defined pattern of designing, edgy border and neckline design is really very unique for any girl who wants to enchant her winter parties. Just wear high heel and make your hairstyle glamorous, everyone will appreciate your auspicious and graceful persona.



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