Contemporary First Day Office Wear Ideas for Women

| February 15, 2016

What I Should Wear at First Day of My Office?

When there is the first day of the office then I know every girl & lady feel quite happy & like to dress up in a very good mood. On the first day of office she wants to look perfect. But the tough question is that “what I should wear for office” or “how I should dress up when I am going to office first day”.  She needs such clothes or attires that can give her a decent, nice, well organized & punctual lady look. So, now you never need to stroll here & there for office wear ideas because today on this page I am going to tell you how should you dress up for office with the help of some very carefully selected pictures. Keep some points into your mind while selecting an office dress.

•    Don’t wear body revealing dress. A dress that reveals too much of body usually looks gauche at office.
•    Keep the weather conditions into your mind.
•    Choose those attires in which you feel comfortable during walking & sitting.
•    Observe how other people usually dress up when they go office.
•     At first day of office don’t go under-dress but I think going over-dress is best idea. An under dress lady turns more heads of people as compared to over-dress lady. When you get an idea how your office fellow dress up then next day follow them.
•    Keep a distinguish difference between office formal wear & office casual wear. Office formal wear dresses are those which are usually used on office parties, special conferences, meetings & business tours while office casual dresses are those which are used during normal & regular days of office.
•    For office dresses always choose neutral colors such as black white, grey, beige, light brown, blue etc. don’t choose yellow, green, orange or fuchsia colors.
•    Try to style your office dress with appropriate pumps/shoes, stylish hand or shoulder bags, minimal jewellery, wrist watch, hairstyles, lipsticks & nail art.
•    Keep yourself neat & clean plus odor free.

Furthermore, the women who get up for office every morning & then they usually feel quite bore & never like to go office, they can also get info from this article. Tell me “Is it happens daily?” Yes of course it happens. But I am sure that these ideas will also help them to freshen up their old & boring office look. Get up early in the morning & get ready for the office by following my styling ideas! Let’s take a look at the following pictures!

Pantsuit for Office Wear:

1 pant suit for first day office wear

Business or professional ladies looks nice in pant suit. I know its traditional office attire for women but believe it always looks very nice. So, I think, whatever office you are joining, for the first day you should go with pant suit idea. In this way you can play on the safer side. With pant suit the pointed toe pumps looks very stylish. Try a black or white pant suit.

Decent Pencil Skirts for Office Wear:

2 pencil skirts for bold women look first day in office

If you think you are bold enough then I think it’s the right time to play with fashion & take some style ideas for office wear. Wear decent mini pencil skirts with nice styles of tops as shown above into the pictures. Once again the pointed toe pumps are best option. Pay little attention towards minimal make up & comfortable hairstyling. Don’t try too complex or extra fancy hairstyle. Just go with buns, braids or half up half down hairstyles.

Casual Pant Shirts for Office Wear:

3 how to use casual wear pant shirt for the first day of office

How to use casual pant shirt for office wear? Wear your button down shirt either with skinny jeans or with a Capri pant. In summer don’t layer your button down shirt while in winter you can layer it with pullover style sweater or cardigan. An oversize shoulder bag or handbag will look nice with it. At one side you are viewing a decent girl sitting is chair in nice color office pant shirt dress while on the other hand the wear a pink sweater over shirt. So, I think if your office rules are not very strict then you can also play with colors.

Simple Mini Dresses for First Day of Office:

4 tube dress for women office wear

If you want to wear a mini body hugging dress then I think for office use the plain tube or short sheath dresses in grey, black, white, beige, skin & brown colors are best. You can also try stripped design, geometric pattern short sheath dresses for office wear. If your dress is sleeveless then try decent bracelet in your wrist or a ring in hand. It will look fabulous when you write something on a paper or sign a document.

Use Blazer to Style your Office Dress:

5 blazer as best styling accessory for office going women
It’s the right to bring out your fashion lover outside by selecting something chic for office wear. Whether you are wearing a pant shirt or a short sheath dress, I think blazer is one of the best styling accessories for a dress.

Stop boring office dressing now! Try all these idea. Not restrict yourself only to one single style of office dress but bring change in your dressing style with your mood, season & fashion. Keep your eyes on superior fashion ideas & aesthetics.



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