Girls Mermaid Scale Print Pants Fully Tight

| January 23, 2017

In the dressing f girls many things are famous because the fashion of girls never remain same it is changed and changed according to the time and trend .if the dressing  remain same then we become fed up with the dull routine so the change is compulsory in everything because  without changing you can’t do anything in your life now here we are talking about the pants  that are fully fitted  just like skinny  and the mermaid scale are on the tights means the fish  scales are making your tights beautiful and  give you a great feminine look .the pants are wore by the girls in different designs and stuff  as just like crop jeans ,narrow pants, cigarette pants, boyfriend jeans, rough ,ripped and much more then the new style is mermaid scale pants because the printed tights  were common now a days so the pants are also very inn in printed you can carry these pants with your every style shirt , top, kurtis, tunic and many other outfit which look nice with your  printed pants  so stay with us and see the different  printed pants.

Golden and black shaded:

1. Mermaid Scale Print Tight Pants for girls

Now a day’s golden color is very inn  whether it is in any style dress so the golden color pant with the black printed scale  on it carry it with the sleeveless top in black it is so simple because the  pant is so shimmery and sparkle  black color chunky heel long boots are looking nice with your dress apply the maroon nail paints and lipstick with this dress and go in party.

Three colors pants in scale print:

2. Mermaid Scale Print Tight Pants for girls

There are many colors in the scale printed pants like the blue, green, sky blue all are looking nice because the soft color look gorgeous in the summer season so you can carry it with your chiffon and the georgette top the girl is in the three quartered sleeves and the zipper crop top and other is in the short blouse with the chiffon net shirt that is giving you a perfect party like look carry the chunky heel boots and the pumps for the formal look.

Heart printed scale pant:

3. Mermaid Scale Print Tight Pants for girls

In the scale printed all the designs are common  so the heart printed in the scale  print is looking nice that is in the pink  and black color you can carry it with  your  high and low shirts and the  long tops make the wavy curly hair  n golden color and the ankle boots  in black color is decent choice for the  spring season apply the pink lipstick and the  brown  eye shades  for the semi formal look.

Scale pant for the casual look:

4. Mermaid Scale Print Tight Pants for girls

The pant is not carry by the girls only in the formal and semi formal functions  rather it is carried  casually and in the daily routine with the different outfits .you can carry the scale printed pant with your t shirt and  crop top  when you are doing yoga or the exercise then carry the scale  fitted pant with the shirt  and in the winter it is best to keep you warm  because it is fitted like the shinnies s you can carry the pant on it for covering your body . it can be carried in any color because all the dark and light shaded are common  in the fashion and it is up to your choice which color do you like most.

Emo girls in scale pent:

5. Mermaid Scale Print Tight Pants for girls

Emo girls mostly like the different things to carry so the colorful three shaded pant is looking fabulous .dark blue, purple and the brown three shaded pants with the blouse, crop top and the tops are giving you a perfect Emo look with the colorful hair it is not compulsory that the Emo girls carry these dark colors pant rather the common girls can also go with these pants for going on trip and seaside areas.

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