How Can You Make Your Look Vintage?

| September 6, 2016

If you are the lover of vintage things and clothes and you want to make your look vintage by wearing vintage clothes and you also want to bring a modern change in your vintage clothes. Be original and don’t adopt the trend which doesn’t suit you are the main points of being vintage. And if you are going to attend theme party in which all people have to participate in vintage look and you are in difficult position and what should do or should not because there is no one to guide you about vintage clothes or vintage appearance from head to toe then don’t worry we will help you in wearing vintage look.

Buy some used clothes and you can give them some modern shape or you can use them as it is.
A lady wearing a new skirt with vintage top that is stitched in baggy style and a hat with a net veil so do the same thing with your clothes and you can carry this in your theme party.

A short skirt is the fashion of the day as it was the  fashion of old age and if you like then try this with an old fashioned shirt and if you don’t like then carry a modern top and in both ways you can make your look vintage.
You can carry long and loose dress pant with a shirt and a sweater as you like because it was the fashion of 60s so you should try this to carry a vintage look.

This is another idea about vintage wearing a girl wearing a knee length frock with full sleeves and black court shoes as they wear carried many years ago. The denim dress is stitched with sickeningly sweet rosette buttons is looking most vintage virgin a woman wearing a scarf on the back side of the head presenting the old fashion and you can adopt this style for vintage look and if you want to change the look of this dress then replace these buttons can add tortoise buttons with a shiny patent belt.

These dresses may be conservative for the office because pleated skirt was the fashion of old era and if you want to look classic and vintage then you can carry long boots with this type of skirt. As this skirt is designed in self print cloth is totally looking vintage dress. Skinny jeans are the latest and everyone wants to carry it and if you want to make your look vintage with a modern touch then you should carry a top or shirt of the old fashion as a girl wearing skinny jeans with white top and a short jacket with big buttons.

A girl wearing blue jeans with long boots in high heels and a check printed coat is looking like a mixture of old trend and modern fashion. Other girl is looking like a girl of 70s because she wear knee length embroidered frock with a short leather jacket and she tied a band on her hand also.
All these dresses are the combination of vintage and modern dresses so if you want to wear vintage then this article help you.

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