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| March 11, 2016

0.  chiffon polka dot bow dress collection

Polka style is such a style which symbolizes the sun the shape of sun and polka dots are same in many thing we see polka dots like bags, shoes, furniture, dresses and much more things. Polka dot is basically for the polish of a woman .First of all polka dots dress is wore by Minnie mouse and it is introduced by the Disney .In previous years we see polka dots on baby’s dresses but now where time and fashion is changed everything became change .There is a big history of polka dots hidden .The dresses of ladies also can seen in the design of polka dots because it s available in every pattern and every size of ladies can put on this style. Bow style is very common with polka dots dresses because when we make bow with this dress it give us an elegant look .In this trendy age people are very conscious about their beauty and their grooming  specially women always remain excited o know every new fashion of heir society  they start searching and select dresses. Now all fashion lovers can go with polka dots dresses with the fashion of bow.


0+ chiffon polka dot bow dress collection


Different styles of polka dresses with bow:

Black color is  favorite color of everyone  and when we wear black color with some contrast it increase the beauty of you.If you like  the street  style then you can put on black  skirt and skin polka dot top  with bow style belt  and back neckline it is best for your new style with your polka style dress you can  go with  ankle strap high heel sandal and  shoulder bag.


  1. 1. chiffon polka dot bow dress collection


in the summer season we like very simple and light color  if you want to go with polka dots style and bow then you can wear pink color polka  dots one piece dress  which is very casual and easy to wear because it is very light weighted and you can go outside also with this dress .Half moon  bag  and sling back  heels are best.

2. chiffon polka dot bow dress collection

The girls who want to go  in any public place then you can wear polka style  jump suit shoulders bow is great  for your public places with this dress you can wear high pencil heel sandal and  black clutch is good choice but you can also go with matching cluth which are in your polka dots  dress.


3. chiffon polka dot bow dress collection

Parties are very common thing, excited and entertaining thing for everyone .Everyone has desired to go in parties   then you can wear polka dot knee length fit dress it can enhance your feminine beauty .V neckline half sleeves and bow on the chest. With this dress you can go swagger and  safari bag .Black color wedge heel  go  best with your fit dress.


4. chiffon polka dot bow dress collection


In the kids dresses you can see polka dots pattern is much more because  this  dots are made to inspire by the cartoon character so kids like the cartoon characters therefore we  should much use of polka dots in the dresses of babies .pink. white ,red and yellow color are best color because all color shows the innocence  and loving  nature of kids so if you are ready to buy your daughter clothes then you should buy chiffon polka dot frock with bow.

5. chiffon polka dot bow dress collection

The ladies who work in office and worried about their dresseing then they can also make  a dress  of polka dots  in your summer season because the summer season has started.7you can carry short maxi in white and black color because these colors  have very good combination .Short maxi with  centre bow and pouch can be best  with this dress footwear   gladdiators  and kitten heel is good.

6. chiffon polka dot bow dress collection

Bonus tips:  Polka dot in many kinds the fat ladies should wear small polka dot style and thin girls use wide and huge polka dots it can help them to modify their beauty with polka dots style. Styles should be adopted such as suit on your body and enhance your beauty feathers.

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