Jeans With Hijab And Tunic in Different Ways

| December 24, 2016

The trend of the dresses never remain same it is like the tides one is gone and  second is come  so the jeans which is the best bottom for ladies it gives you  nice look  and you have no need to match it with your shirt you can carry it with your any style dress .in the  jeans there are so many kinds like the  boyfriend jeans ,crop pent, narrow jeans,  cigarette pants, tulip pants, rough jeans and many other you can carry any jeans with your shirt and  the trend of Hijab is much more among the ladies because hijab give you a sophisticate and decent look you can cover your hair  with Hijab in the  winter because in the winter too much cold and the cool breeze which become the cause of dandruff  And the  itching so you can do the Hijab  and the tunic style is very nice for the girls  it is in the different colors styles and the embroidery it is also good for the formal ,semi formal and the casual look so here I have some tunic shirts with the  Hijab And the jeans that can give you a perfect stylish look.

Orange shaded shirt:

1. Trendy Ways to Wear Tunic and Jeans with Hijab

Blush orange color high and low shirt button down style  full sleeves and the collar is used on the shirt  with white crop jeans and the blue color  silk scarf and the blue with sky blue pumps are looking nice black sunglasses and the  black barrel bag is  looking good with this dress you can carry any color with this white pant.

Double layer tunic:

2. Trendy Ways to Wear Tunic and Jeans with Hijab

In the new style of tunic you can see that the double layer tunic with jeans and the Hijab off  white  basic shirt  with the high and low  chiffon stuff  tunic full sleeves on the  sleeves buttons are stitched  crop jeans with this dress is looking nice  blue wool Hijab is good choice but you can also go with the grey Hijab because it also match with your pant.  Wear the socks and the floral shoes if you are going in the party or any ceremony then carry the jewelry and a shoulder bag.

Formal look in tunic:

3. Trendy Ways to Wear Tunic and Jeans with Hijab

In the tunic shirt you can go in the parties , wedding ,cocktail parties and the many other  so you can go with the black chiffon stuff high and low tunic  full sleeves and the boyfriend jeans  with black color chiffon stuff Hijab and the yellow pointed high heel pumps are looking nice  with this dress you can also carry the  maroon velvet stuff Hijab and the jewelry  with hot pink nail paints and lipstick it is giving you a perfect look.

Vintage style tunic:

4 Latest amazing tunic with hijab (8)

The vintage style can,t be old it remain evergreen  so some ladies want to go with the vintage like dressing because of that era ladies were carried something different  and unique from the other ages  so if you want to go with the vintage style tunic then  dull skin color high and low  A-line tunic  i9s best for you  with the grey full fitted jeans  jumpsuit like dress with the Hijab  in skin and the floral crown is looking outstanding with it  you can carry white pointed high heel pumps  at the place of white you can also with the pink .

Checked shirt with pant:

5. Trendy Ways to Wear Tunic and Jeans with Hijab

Red and blue shaded round shaped tunic button down pleated like the frock bodice and carry  blue jeans  full fitted and the peep toe high heel brown sandal is good choice with it   bluish grey scarf is matching with this dress  carry the hand bag in the checked style and go out for the party and the meeting or seminar you are looking decent and the block printed r checked is mostly use to show the decency and elegancy.

Style for winter:

6. Trendy Ways to Wear Tunic and Jeans with Hijab

The fall season is going on and the ladies like to carry something nice and trendy so the camel brown color short  frock  in the kaftan style  with the belt and the black  narrow jeans is looking outstanding with the long boots it is the choice  of the American  and in the winter mostly ladies like to carry  ankle length and knee length long booties  with tiger printed Hijab and the shoulder bag you are looking nice and stylish.


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