Mawra Hocane As a Fashion Icon

| March 16, 2016

Beautiful mawra hocne in trendy dresses

Mawra hocane is considered as young, beautiful and talented Pakistani darama actress who has started her career while hosting a live show as a vj at aag tv in Pakistani. After sometimes, she is casted in various drama serials and on behalf of her elegance and beautification she is now a part of bollywood film in India name as Sanam Teri Qasam. She is fashion iconic in nature and never ever makes the fashion blunders as other celebs do when they want to make themselves extremely eye catching.

Our current post is about trending and utmost fashion designs that would likely to be worn out by mawra hocane. You will see that these outfits have unique and modified traditional touch as compared to other things and mawra has carried every bit of dress in fashion mode. Just seek through our drafted presentation and you will notice that each and every segment is about latest fashion trends that are going in Pakistan now a day.

Mawra hocane stylish grey and yellow suit:


Here is our initiative segment based upon trending fashion facts and figures and is elegantly carried by mawra hocane.  She has worn out grey patterned shirt with yellow sequence at the border and grey trousers in printed form.

Mawra hcane in light color dress:


Our second segment is based upon light shades and glamour. As you can seek through that this segment is based upon simplex designing facts and figures with excess lace work at the end. Such dress can also be worn out with glamorous gold sequence flats or high heels.

Mawra hocane in bold and black dress:


In this segment she is carrying little bold and highly pure blackish shades dress which is accomplished with extremely identified white embroidery at the center portion of the shirt and further utilization of colored embroider techniques at the end of the shirt, compliments the dress.

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