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| October 5, 2016

0. Mehwish Hayat photos and biography

The beauty awarded and listed on 9th number the most beautiful of Asia is none of other but Mehwish Hayat. Born on January 6, 1983; the actress grew up in the healthy environment that helped in retaining all the talents in her. When entering into showbiz world, she took start with modeling however her true destination was acting so she put an effort to acting skills later. Mehwish acting talent made her synonymous in the showbiz circle, which is why now the most rated and famous actress in Pakistan is Mehwish Hayat. Giving the best in multiple dramas, now her destination is towards golden screen as she debuted in most popular films.
•    Na Maloom Afraad
•    Jawani Phir Nahi Ani
•    Actor In Law

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These 3 movies are the well grossed films in Pakistan in which Hayat has powerful roles. She is the only one who has wished about opening an institute for dance while giving an interview in HSY famous show; hence she rarely appears in such talk shows.

Recently the drama Dil Lagi aired on ARY TV has broken all records because of the miraculous acting of Mehwish Hayat and Humayun Saeed. The duo made this drama so enthralling for viewers and get more fame in career.
With prominent height and attractive features she has won the hearts but the flawless acting has more power that discriminate her matchless personality.

Mehwish has three brothers and one sister, her mother really helped her grooming for showbiz world in fact she says that it is the support of her parents that she is now a successful actress.
Likewise some actors in Pakistan, she doesn’t like to go to bollywood to get fame, she says however it depends upon the role they give her. If the movie and role will be outstanding then she would like to work and sign movie otherwise Hayat main focus is to work for Pakistan. The anti-terrorism organization of youth ‘Ye Ham Nahi’ joining shows Mehwish concern about welfare of her country Pakistan, she rather wants to present the right image of Pakistan in the eyes of world.

Singing debut:

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Multi-talented qualities became clearer when Mehwish Hayat started singing, the title songs of drama serials Miratul Uroos and Meri Behan Maya had sung by Hayat. Besides this, the famous Good Morning Pakistan title song also has her enthralling voice.

But the controversy about her singing has been debuted when she gave entry in Coke Studio The Sound Of Nation season 9. Some people have criticized her that singing must not be her passion as Mehwish is not suitable for this profession. But we still think that if she sings, it is her additional talent that she is exploring to make herself matchless.

Modeling and runway contribution:

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Well, at start she was introduced as model, however now her acting projects doesn’t let her to take the modeling at top. But her many runway and editorial entries as showstoppers just stun the viewers. Or many brands, the modeling of Hayat discriminate not only with perfect looks but the professional attitude in working so beautifully.


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31 years old actress has set her profession and she wants to work more now but her scandals regarding item song for Pakistani movies has become a reason to criticize her. Living in the Muslim country, sometime it becomes very tough to handle the showbiz work. Same is the case with Mehwish Hayat, in JAWANI PHIR NAHIN ANI her bold role and dressing also showed daring work of her. But the actress easily confessed about all and said that she has no grief and repents about this work which set a fire among nation.

Current activities:

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Recently her movie ACTOR IN LAW has been completed and now she is busy in promoting the film with co actor Fahad Mustafa. One more new film is ready to reach towards cinemas; we hope that once again the best will be found in that movie.

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