Modern Western Country Living Girls Hijab by Leena Asad:

| January 5, 2016

Hijab & Abaya both are the essential clothes for the Muslim ladies. Muslim adult girls are must wearing the Hijab & Abaya clothes before going outside. A girl live in Muslim eastern country is easily follow the dress requirements according to the enjoinment while a Muslim girl living in the western non Muslim county faces many problems & difficulties with her dressing as what kind of style she wear the Hijab with modern dress. So, there is no need to worry about it because here Leena Asad wearing Hijab with different modern western style clothes blog is presented to you.
Lena Asad is the student of master in nursing & she wearing the Hijab in classic way with different western style dresses on different events & occasions. She has the key of success with her elegant dressing with Hijab living in western countries. She always displayed the simple, elegant, classic, modern, comfortable & stylish Hijab with her dressing. Her dressing with Hijab also gives the inspirations to all the girls that they must be dress up in western countries but wearing only Islamic attires.
Here we have a latest blog considering with the elegant ideas of Leena Asad Hijab styles for girls not live in western countries but also the eastern living Muslim girls. You can wear the maxi, gown, pant shirt, skirt, top, tee dress & other coat & jackets dresses with Hijab. Here below we defend the designs of Leena Asad elegant blog of wearing Hijab with different style dressing, let’s have a look to these as:

Grey embroidered long gown with simple skinny Hijab:

0leena asad Classy hijab outfits

Skin skinny Hijab with floral printed belted skirt:

leena asad Classy hijab outfits (1)

Maroon knotted maxi dress with elegant style Hijab:

leena asad Classy hijab outfits (2)

Lose pant with open gown & knotted stylish Hijab

leena asad Classy hijab outfits (3)

Pant with check shirt with skin chiffon Hijab:

leena asad Classy hijab outfits (4)

Off white stylish Hijab with tee dress & trouser:

leena asad Classy hijab outfits (5)

Grey layering Hijab with long maroon maxi dress:

leena asad Classy hijab outfits (6)

Double breast button coat with long shoes & skinny classic Hijab:

leena asad Classy hijab outfits (7)

Tulle frock with black jacket & same elegant Hijab:

leena asad Classy hijab outfits (8)

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