Popular Designs of Punjabi Suits For Girls

| August 25, 2014

Punjabi suits:

Punjabi dresses are the traditional dress and girls love to wear it in as casual or informal wearing. Punjabi suits have great significance and mostly are used by Desi girls in the villages. This Punjabi fashion has come from Indian villages where women wear this dressing in short style shirt with wide pleated shalwar. Very soon this pleated shalwar has acquired many trends and styled in many kind like Patiala shalwar, chunnat shalwar, heer shalwar and Lungi shalwar.

This Punjabi dress has been increased just because of their shalwar styles. In this modern era these Punjabi suits have huge recommendation from the wearer not only in India but also in Pakistan where girls are crazy to wear it. But recently this trend has diminished by Pakistani designers due to the demonstrative trend of long and stylish shirts.

In India these Punjabi dresses has been used and worn by Indian actresses in their daily soaps and serials. Bollywood actresses also love to wear this traditional dress as informal wearing. With the importance of Punjabi dresses, we have to tell you about some popular designs of Punjabi dresses that are chic as well as conventional that provides a hub of Punjabi dresses designing. Lest join us and Get pleasure with these latest designed outfits collection of Punjabi dresses.

Black and red Punjabi dress:

1. punjabi suit  design (10)

You are looking one of the most attractive and pretty apparel in affectionate stare.  The embroidered black shirt is impressively designed with sparkly touch having net sleeves and styled with rounded neckline. This dress is paired with pleated shalwar and a doted design red dupatta is looking so awesome in this casual wearing.

Punjabi suit for weddings:

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This Indian dress is specifically designed to wear in wedding events and have an ideal appearance by the wearer. Short sleeveless shirt is embellished in modern style with rounded neckline and the dress completes with shiny printed shalwar that meets the needs of the modish ladies for their fantastic exterior in highly trendy mode.

Patiala shalwar in Punjabi suit:

3. punjabi suit  design (1)

Indian Punjabi dress fashion has become the girls conscious and mindful with its passionate styling. All the Punjabi outfits give the wearer complete conventional stylishness and adore them with most striking dressing. This dress is tailored so nicely with rounded border and having organza Lungi shalwar in embroidered manner. Dupatta is styled in eye-catching way to beautify the wearer in customary seem.

White and black embroidered dress:

4. punjabi suit  design (5)

The combination of black and white color is considered to be the best in this fashion field. Recently offered Punjabi dresses collection has also include this combination suit for these who are crazy about this trend. This Punjabi dress is conspicuously tailored in open style having short length with ban neckline. The black pleated shalwar adds an elegancy and accessorized you to dive in the splendor of this Punjabi outfit.

Punjabi dresses have tremendously designed and embroidered shirts and paired with different types of shalwar. In Punjabi dresses we have also include a complete range of Desi frocks that you can easily worn in parties or in formal event. We have also offers long shirts with chooridar which also add in this category. Many famous models and actresses are presented these dresses just for your expediency and persuade you with elegant designed Desi dresses. Now have a glance on further assortments of Punjabi dresses that are highly complimentary and gracious for your feasibility.

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