Simple But Stylish Casual Outfits for Women

| January 24, 2017

For stylish women this is also very tricky to wear casual dresses. They want to look stylish in every attire and at every time. Regardless of it, whether it is a ceremony or casual occasion’s girls always think to dress up in most classic manner. For casual events you must not opt for the outfits which give you elegant and sophisticated look. But you must go for simple but style-statement dresses. Skirts, Crop top, one piece dress with fine fabric, denim jeans with stylish crop top give you nice and decent look. These could be the casual dresses and in these outfits you will have very chic and fashionable look. Some edgy and classy dresses for casual look are shown here:

Short skirt with white collared shirt:

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Short skirt in light blue prints with geometrical design is looking very simple but classy paired with white color collared shirt. If you are just wearing the shirt with no other accessory then opt for this shirt with two buttons open front neck and have a stylish look. Navy blue color belted waist will add more style to your over all look and you can leave your tresses open from back and pin up from front to complement the whole dress. Pull off the coughs of the shirt and with nude color T-strap heel shoes you will look very nice and chic in all your attire. A necklace and wrist watch could be your other accessories to make your look complete.

Whole black ensemble:

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Black full fitted pant with black high neck both look very edgy and this whole black ensemble can make you look wash out. So you can add a multi layered necklace that will change the dimension of the outfit. This golden multi layered chain necklace will give you simple yet stylish look. Pair black color pumps that is of velvet fabricated and have a casual look that you can adopt for most of the time without being sacrificed your stylish look.

Long skirt with crop top:

Jeff Thibodeau x Kelsey White

This tea pink color silk fabricated crop top is looking very nice with stripped crop top. Crop top is also in black and white stripped and looking very appropriate with the skirt. You can wear black color shoes to pair with the outfit. Along chain bag at shoulder will finish off your look for casual occasions. In order to make your dress appealing you can tie the shirt from the waist and can transform your dress from being too simple to modish. This look is also good for street style and young girls will look very attractive in this attire.

Navy blue one piece dress:

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A very simple looking dress is before us and it is looking wearable casually. This one piece dress is laced fabricated from the neckline and with metallic shoes that are in golden color you can make your appearance good-looking and noticeable one. Unarguably fancy and embellished dresses are not for every time but the dressing looks nice according the situation and the surrounding atmosphere. On casual occasions this simple one piece dress will make you look classy and pretty with its simple look. Wear a jaxons hat with dress Golden metallic shoes for worthy look.

One piece dress with belted waist:

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This one piece dress in navy blue color is looking outstanding with net fabric that is used to make it. The color is looking very nice and it will make your look dominating even with simple design. A belt at waist is making the tone of the whole dress. Even if you are a professional lady ou can opt for this decent dressing and at the same time university girls will look very lovely in this one piece outfit. Wear peep toe shoes in golden color and leave your tresses open to have stylish look on casual occasion.

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