Street Style Fashion Fringed Mini Skirts

| March 22, 2017

A skirt with a hemline well above the knees is called a mini skirt, wear mini skirt has become a popular fashion trend and young girls most liked to wear miniskirt to expose their bare legs. Now these days the fashion trend of wearing miniskirts with fringes id on its highest peak because of the fringe festival that is the world’s largest festival and celebrated in these days.

Actually fringe was a border or edge of hanging threads, cords or strips and was often from a garment made from suede; leather etc. Fringe first became decorative fashion embellishment in the 1920s as a part of the flapper look for women and like the older days, fringe has become again a major part of the street style fashion.

Fringes slapped on clothes and accessories have the magic power of looking trendy and versatile. So they can basically go for all ages in all the styles from music festival style to office hours look.

It is the easiest trend to do because of its statement quality and easiness to blend into any look or style. Fringe style is used not only on clothes but shoes, bags, clutches also to give the accessories a complete bohemian look.

Fringe is a boho style and boho fashion trend and mostly worn by those girls who want to adopt boho fashion. Among fringe and other boho trends, fashion bloggers have welcomed back the brown suede mini skirt with fringes that can be paired white blouse, tank top; black shirt etc.

so brown suede might seem like an intimating trend to pull off at first, at least the street style crowd has already forged the way with dozens of cute ideas you can copy, all shapes around a suede skirt.

For crisp fall days, pair your mauve color fringe mini skirt with white color crop top and knee-length brown color suede long boots and wrap a brown color leather belt around your waist.

All black look including outfit and shoes also because shoes set the tone for the whole look and all black looking is so gorgeous and glamorous, long sleeves black tucked in shirt is designed in sheer fabric and combined with faux leather mini fringes skirt, thin high heel fringes sandals and boho jewelry has made the look sophisticated.

Sleeveless crop top, white color fringes mini skirt, boho style necklace and a black fedora hat looking nice and can be adopted for boho themed party and a picnic on beach side. Denim is always been a favorite garment of young girls whether it is a denim pant, denim shorts and denim jacket.

Girls like to wear it for casual and everyday wear also, in this picture a denim jacket is combined with plain white t-shirt and black mini skirt, so you can carry this look for friends get together. skirt in fringed style 3. mini skirt in fringed style skirt in fringed style 5. mini skirt in fringed style mini skirt in fringed style (1)

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