Stunning Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas

| October 26, 2017

Wedding is important and bridesmaid plays vital role in wedding ceremony. Bridesmaid can be bride`s sister, cousin, friend or groom`s sister, cousin or friend, unmarried in status. Before we further resume our content, allow us to break some points which will show out responsibilities of bridesmaid.

Keeping bride in check:

Being a bridesmaid, you have to help bride out in various situation. But don’t let her be bossy and if such situation takes place, remain calm and deal situation. Understand that she is stressed out and nervous and also have lots of things to do.

Give honest and kind opinion about dress:

One of the most important tasks of wedding is choosing perfect wedding dress. Remain calm all the time even if you are searching for 9th rank of 5th store. These things take time. Don’t give her false statement like love your dress if in actual, it doesn’t look that good on her.

Helping in planning of parties:

You have lots of parties to organize like bridal shower, engagement parties and etc. you know that all of people there are going to be involved in party planning but your role is also important in preparation of parties.

Keeping bride calm on her special day:

It’s her bit day and she might get panic attack. Try to get things in your hands and do things which make bride relax.

Being involved in little details:

When you have become a bridesmaid, it is important that you participate in each and every discussion involving dressing, sitting arrangements, venue, gatherings and a lot more. Try to be polite and gentle with people all around you.
Here are some dressing ideas for bridesmaid in velvet version which will not only enhance out glam level in woman`s personality but also show out curvy body shape with beautification. For more information, just take a look.

Visual aids:
Purple velvet long bridesmaid dress:


Velvet blue long maxi dress:


Smoky green velvet bridesmaid dress:


Glam gray velvet dress:


Dark magenta velvet long bridesmaid dress:


Burgundy velvet dress:


Maroon velvet bridesmaid dress:


Yellow golden velvet bridesmaid dress:


Stunning orange bridesmaid long dress:


Red velvet dress:


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