Summer Kimono Gowns Collection for Women

| May 29, 2015

Kimono Gowns or Robes for Ladies:

Kimono is actually a Japanese word which comes into existence by combining two words “Ki” which means “Wear” & “Mono” which mean “Thing”. So, kimono means “thing to wear”. So, Kimono is the name of a traditional Japanese gown that is a loose robe (short or long) with wide & airy sleeves plus a sash is used for fastening.

Traditional, it is used as formal attire by the people of Japan. Men & Women as well as kids can use it casually or formally. It is also used as a night wear outfit or sometimes ladies like to use when they visit a poolside. They wear this dress usually in summer season for enjoying this season. These are also used after & before taking a bath.

Today, I bring a fresh & stylish collection of Kimono or robes for ladies. These are perfect for summer season. You can use these during bathing, as night wear or as summer attire. Have a look!

Long Kimono:

1 kimono dressing gown collection

Check out this long Kimono that is just an ideal choice for the ladies who want to wear this dress on the formal parties! The printed stuff is used into its manufacturing!

Short Kimono:

2 kimono dressing gown collection (1)

Try this short Kimono robe when you want to visit a poolside or when you want to enjoy the summer vacation at a hill station. The flower print on this robe is looking very splashy to the eyes!

Silk Kimono Robes:

3 kimono dressing gown collection (11)

Try these simple & plain short (thigh length) silk stuff gowns as nightwear. You can choose the color (white, pink, black, purple, ferozi) of your own choice. These are easily available at every shop that provides clothes for women, kids & men. Just visit your nearly located market & buy one or more!

Summer Kimono for Women:

4 kimono dressing gown collection (4)

This is a handmade black & white color robe. The printed stuff is looking very nice. The black color stuff is used for the purpose of high-lightening some parts of this robe.

Comfortable Robes for Summer Season:

For exploring more designs you can visit the picture gallery that is shown below!

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