Trend of Black Umbrella Frock for this 2016 Spring-Summer Season

| March 29, 2016

Newest Range of Black Color Umbrella Frocks for Girls:

Whether Black color is Best for summer or Not? If you are a regular user of fashion websites then of course you have read lots of rules of fashion. For example most of the fashion experts suggest that light colors are just perfect for day time while for attending evening events you can go with bright colors. Similarly, mostly fashion conscious people avoid wearing darker tones in summer & prefer very light colors so that they can feel very light & cool in summer season while in winter they choose dark colors. You have read these rules lots of times. I also mention these rules in my lots of articles but today I am going to break these rules. Yes, dear in this spring summer season without considering the hotness of season & without thinking whether it’s day time or evening time, you should wear black color.

Yes, today, on this page I am actually going to support the “black” color because on the runways of fashion I have seen this color & that’s why I want to tell my fashion loving readers that it’s the latest fashion & now it’s the right time to follow the trend & add some black color dresses into your summer wardrobe. Usually, black is considered the favorite color of every girl. This color can go best with almost every skin tone. Furthermore, every age of lady can wear black casually as well as formally. In some countries, especially in the past years, black was considered a color for bad omen but with the progress in every field of life & furthermore due to progression in education sector now people treat equally with all colors.

In west mostly girls can go with black skirts, black crop tops, black button down short, black leggings, pencil skirts, etc. But what if you live in east? I mean if you are living in eastern country then what style of black dress you should make in this summer?

Frock Style Dress for Eastern Girls:

Do, you belong from an eastern country? I mean from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh etc? If yes, then dear the perfect black dress for summer season is “frock”. Yes, the frock style looks very flowy & it is just perfect according to traditional society norms. Believe me, when you walk either on a sea side or in a street then the cool summer breeze will make your frock to flare here & there.

Whether Anarkali Style is best or Umbrella? Now the next question that can come into your mind is “what style of frock is best for summer season?” Last year, (in 2015), usually Anarkali frock was seen in fashion & eastern girls followed this trend very madly. I am sure that you still have lots of Anarkali frocks into your wardrobe but dear I think now this trend should come to an end & you should try some new style of frock? So, think what new style you can follow? Think? Well, Umbrella style frock is better option. The most plus point is that umbrella frock is easy to stitch as compared to Anarkali frocks.

Black Umbrella Frock Designing Ideas:

When it comes to design an umbrella frock then there are lots of ideas. On black color the white embroidery looks very decent. If you contrast golden color with black then your dress usually becomes a formal party wear dress. Along with golden or white, some other colors can also be contrasted such as pink, parrot, purple, red, beige etc. Mostly, laces & patches can be used for the decoration of hemline of frock & for decoration of the borders of duppata. The embroidery can also be done. I usually like embroidery around the neckline either in V-shape or in U shape. For summer season, try to keep your frock sleeveless or you can go with cape sleeves. If you like short dresses then follow knee length frock idea otherwise a long ankle length or calf length umbrella frock will look nice. Some designs are shown below into the pictures take a look & try at home!

black umbrella frock designs for upcoming summer seasons (1) black umbrella frock designs for upcoming summer seasons (2) black umbrella frock designs for upcoming summer seasons (3) black umbrella frock designs for upcoming summer seasons (4) black umbrella frock designs for upcoming summer seasons (5) black umbrella frock designs for upcoming summer seasons (6) black umbrella frock designs for upcoming summer seasons (7)

black umbrella frock designs for upcoming summer seasons (8)  black umbrella frock designs for upcoming summer seasons (9)

Styling Tips when you Wear Frock:

So, whether you are wearing a black frock casually or formally, you need to style your personality. In styling your makeup, your hairstyle, your footwear & jewelry as well as your clutch or handbag etc included.


First of let me tell you about footwear. It is seen that frock is usually paired with churidar pajama. So, best footwear for you is high heel style strappy or pumps & you can also try totally flat khussa style footwear. High heel footwear can give you very contemporary look while Khussa can add a traditional touch into your personality.


if you ear frock casually then I think high ponytail or side braid are best hairstyles while if you are getting ready for a party or formal function then I suggest you try a side bun with your frock in summer season. You can also add romantic curls into your hairs.


whether you are wearing black frock casually or formally, I think the best makeup idea is “natural makeup” or “no makeup look” that you can obtained by using minimal makeup. Keep all makeup strokes very light & feel free from any kind of embarrassment tension. The rule of thumb is try to keep eye makeup light when you apply dark lipstick & keep eye makeup dark with light color lipstick. Blending is the key to get flawless look. Whether you apply foundation or eye shadows or blush on the best rule is the blending. If foundation is blended with skin in a very well way then of course your skin will look even. I think you should avoid liner & only prefer mascara. Highlight your eyebrow with eyebrow pencil because eyebrow provides a goof frame to your eyes.

Similarly, choose best clutch with frock if you are getting ready for party, the clutch can be matched with embroidery color or you can simply go with black clutch. In jewelry, I think if heavy embroidery is done near the neckline then you should avoid wearing a necklace & only wear earring. If your frocks sleeves are short then you can wear bracelets or bangles otherwise with long sleeves skip bracelets/bangles.
Hopefully, these all styling points can help you.

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