Tucking a bow Tie on Shirt is an Art for Fashion Girls

| August 5, 2016

Many people are confused of suggesting when to wear a bowtie so they must understand that anytime you can keep a bowtie a chic style statement but for girls even it’s a fun art to try on shirts, I mean the shirts that can make you look more classic than ever.

We are today obsessed with the bowties to entertain the tastes of young girls. However it’s easy to start embellishing bowties but bit hard to suggest the patterns over shirts but no worries, we are here to tell you about all which surely is a worthy guide for fashion girls. your street style look, casual look, formal look, semi formal look, red carpet look, festival look and whatever the look you are representing can be facilitate with bowties. So it’s a great idea to have it on shirt for summer, winter, fall or spring, I mean no restriction to state it just for specific season but throughout the year.

Bowties have more room for accommodating fashion silhouettes making the style splendor and just more feminine by having classicism. Here I am going to exhibit the all ideas and designs of having bowties in a more luxe way, so don’t quit and keep on reading for further updates.

More classic with bowtie:

1+ Bow tie designs for girls shirts

The more classic way to style bowtie is with suit piece or the classic white button down shirt. There are many colors that can make the standard dressing more ethereal but black and red are more wondrous to go with.

Bowtie on polka dots:

2+ Bow tie designs for girls shirts

Polka dot shirts are really a mean of having some lighter pattern and if there is the margin of styling a classy bowtie then dressing has more exquisiteness especially when you have it with jeans of any kind.

Front and back bowties:

3+ Bow tie designs for girls shirts

Front and back bowties are providing you a space to be obsessed with more deliberated fashion skills. Just pulling off the bowtie to front or back is really a high class style that will make the dress code a worth standard piece of attire, but have top high hairstyles mostly the classy buns.

Bright bowties to shine anyway:

4+ Bow tie designs for girls shirts

Whether you have worn a plain, plaid, stripped, dotted or any pattern shirt you can confess for the bright color bowties to get more shine of your appearance. Pinks, yellow, aqua, red, green and many other vibrant colors are a heavy treat for your summer look.

Stripped bowties over shirts:

5+ Bow tie designs for girls shirts

To harmonize the plain white shirts greatly, add the vividness and charm of stripped bowties whether in straight, horizontal, vertical, diagonal or chevron stripes; you have just more chance to ooze up your fashion personality.

Spring bowties inspiration:

6+ Bow tie designs for girls shirts

So, spring is a new hope for everyone to take a start with freshness so the girls can also have freshness to their dressing style by adding up the floral design bowtie for extra ordinary touch of elegance. You can wear it over any kinda shirt,. Just revamp it more beautifully but having the bright hues of makeover.

Tulle is cool to try for bowtie:

7+ Bow tie designs for girls shirts

Ok! You have obsessed with lace, formal, plaid or casual shirts and there are many options of patterned bowties so you must opt for tulle bowtie to be cool and elegant for all the time. Tulle bowtie presents the whimsy hues when you tuck with shirt and make the features more formal.

Plaid bowties are something professional:

8. Bow tie designs for girls shirts

To look more of professional and cool, just opt for plaid and plaid, have multi patterns of plaid for your bowtie and try it with every shirt or even sweater. You can create a well match of bowtie with plaid skirt too, on the other hand the option of plaid bowtie for business ladies are so great.

Beaded and glittery bowties for parties:

9+ Bow tie designs for girls shirts

Be a glittery and glossy girl by tucking the super cool embedded and sequined glittery bowties for creating more charming effects. You can wear these bowties to New Year eve parties to attain the glam and splendor.

Some fun patterns of bowties:

10+ Bow tie designs for girls shirts

Tie a knot of bowtie with multi fun patterns and designs; we have collected some interesting bowties for teenage girls to be cool and gorgeous. But if you have some more designs then opt for them too.

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