Ways to Wear Your Favorite Plaid Staple For This Winter

| February 21, 2017

Plaid dress is cool and cozy and goes best with other seasonal staples as denim jeans, leggings, tops and oversize sweaters. Plaid dress looks awesome with plain outfits and other prints like striped, polka dots and leopard prints also go best with plaid.

A few years ago, the waist wrap was typically part of casual outfit and young people including boys and girl like to wrap a shirt as old tea, shirt and thermal shirt around their waist to make a style statement.

That fashion still holds up today as you can see in the picture, a tied shirt is paired with polished staples like white tea-shirt, distressed denim jeans and heels.

There is nothing like a good scarf in the fall and most women opt for simple and solid versions, nothing is quite as classic as a big tartan scarf. See the picture and take the ideas of wearing a scarf, girl in the picture wore striped mini one piece dress with over coat, mustard color suede ankle bootis and same color hand bag on the shoulder.

And she also wrapped a plaid scarf around her neck to protect from cold. If you are working women then this is the best outfit for your office, wrap you scarf while going out and remove the scarf after you have entered into your office.

Layering is a good thing for colder fall days, let a plaid shirt peek through a sweater and add black leggings, knee-length black boots and carry your small hands bag or purse in cross body style. The idea of oversize plaid coat over printed top may seem a little obtuse but work with us. When paired with printed leggings, classic ankle length boots can look quite chic.

Pair your plaid tucked in shirt with something simple to let them shine and to avoid looking clownish. See the picture, the girl combined her plaid shirt with black pants, pointy-toe black shoes and a black leather bag.

When you are having a lazy day and you just do not feel like putting like too much thought into the day’s outfit then plaid is a great to dress up with any outfit. Whether you are throwing on black leggings and a white t-shirt, tossing on a plaid coat is one way to add some color, pattern and excitement to your outfit with black loafers.

For some girls, it is incredible hard to go from living in skirts and shorts all summers to covering up the legs again. Pick up a flared mini skirt in maroon color with white shirt and wear a matching plaid coat over your mini skirt.

Opting for a plaid dress is one way to dress up the fall pattern. You can pair you flare mini dress with a pair of high heel pointy-toe black pumps and even wear a leather jacket to shake things up a bit.

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