White Ihram Abaya For The Ladies To Perform Pilgrim Journeys

| January 11, 2014

If you are going for a pilgrim journey as hajj and umerah, then surly you have to make some special arrangements according the requirements of the holy performances which you will perform at kabba and other respective and prestigious places.  Certainly it is great indication of good lack for a Muslim ands Muslims make special arrangements with great excitement and eagerness.

In this context, Muslims ladies must have the need of ihram abaya which is essential to offering certain prayers. In comfortable fabric specialy jersey these ihram abayas consist on three pieces and in different size of length as full length and knee length and. Pullover, loose fitting and pleated details at the back these ihram abayas are paired with matching hijabs.

These ihram abaya has the great manifestation of purity which is simply reflect from its pure white color. This ihram abaya has great value and respective worth in Muslim general phenomenon. Have a look of gallery honorable gallery.
Topic: white ihram abaya
Essential for: performing certain religious activities
Ideal in: their respective benefits
Special dress: at most holy place of world (kabba)

Arabic white ihram for muslims ladies who are going to perform religious activities

1 White color Ihram Abaya

White ihram abaya with full length scarf for special wearing at kabba

2 White Ihram Abaya foe muslim women

White hram abaya for the Muslim ladies who are going on pilgrim

3 collection of 3 White Ihram Abaya

Close view of inner shape of ihram abaya for the hajj and umerah

4 new style White Ihram Abaya

Clear sight of hijab which is carried with white ihram abaya

5 islamic style White Ihram Abaya

Perfect hijab with is paired with white ihram abaya for Muslim ladies

6 White Ihram Abaya for mulim girls


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