Adorable Accessories Every Little Girl Should Have

When I was little, I used to give away my mom’s jewelry to people that visited the house, but only to the ones that mattered, like my grandmother or a favorite cousin. Later, I’d be furious when I saw my mom wearing the jewelry I had just given away. It wasn’t supposed to be hers anymore! And the real mystery – How did she get it back?

Yes, I needed to learn about boundaries and what respecting other people’s property looked like, but the other takeaway here is that even when we’re little we recognize the value of gifts. A little something that sparkles or a piece of beauty–it’s a way we express love and appreciation. (Of course, it’s less meaningful when you’re stealing it out of your mother’s jewelry box, but still.)

The little girls in your life will recognize that a well-thought-out gift is a meaningful gesture. When shopping for the special little lady in your life, keep her personality in mind. If you don’t know her current obsessions, now is the time for some conversation. Does she dream of unicorns? Or of being the first female president of the United States? Does she sing Disney songs or is she a fan of Dolly Parton? (By the way, I personally know little girls that fit in all these categories.) I’ve come to the conclusion that what’s adorable to one is puzzling to another.

That being said, here are a few ideas that generally go over big. Do any of these remind you of your girl?

For Dress Up

Presley Couture is ideal for satisfying dress-up dreams. They have a better than average selection that hints at all things Disney, Pixar, and even Star Wars. Their clothes are soft and affordable, unlike many dress-up styles that charge a fortune for stiff, uncompromising fabrics. The multitude of Mickey ears alone makes the website worth a visit. Glittery Mickey, Storm Trooper Mickey, Cinderella Style Mickey…they’re all there.

For the Animal Lover

What little kid doesn’t love animals? If we all loved animals as much as we did when we were kids, the pound would be empty. The question of animal rights wouldn’t even be a thing. There would be snack stations for dogs on every corner. It would be lovely.

Encourage that creature-loving gal by getting her a purse shaped like her favorite animal friend. In fact, I’d love half of these bags. Dogs, cats, sloths, piggies, unicorns, foxes, pandas….they’re all there and all so adorable. Someone get Kristen Bell the sloth purse right away!

If you don’t see your kid’s favorite animal on the list in the link above, Google it. You’ll most likely find it. If not, you can find someone on Etsy to make one for you.


If your girl wants to be an astronaut or an astronomer, take a look at this solar system necklace. If she’s more into exploring, here’s a lovely compass charm from Brighton that would be special as a necklace or on a bracelet. You get the idea. You can find anything that fits her passion. If you haven’t seen the right item here, Google away!

Sometimes the best gift we can give someone is the knowledge that we see them and understand them. Being seen is something all of us need, especially little girls.

Good luck!