Getting Your Earlobe Pierced: Check All You Need To Know!

The popularity of body piercings has increased considerably in the last couple of decades, more so because piercings are done more professionally than ever before. Getting your earlobe pierced could be a great idea, and most people prefer that for cosmetic reasons, so that they can wear all the fancy ear accessories and earrings.  Your first step is to find a reliable piercing shop at West Acres Shopping Center, but before you step in, here are some quick things to know about earlobe pierced.

  • Take your identification along. No matter your age, you must have an identification card with you. If you are a minor reading this, an adult guardian or parent should be accompanying you. Piercing professionals would want to check this right when you get in and ask for a consultation.
  • Earlobe piercing is considerably safe and heals quicker. The standard earlobe piercing heals faster than other parts of the body, such as the navel, because of better blood flow to that area. However, outer ear piercings can take longer to heal. Keep in mind that not everyone has the anatomy to get a piercing, so your artist is your best judge.
  • The healing time can vary. That’s right. Every person has a unique healing response, and your body will treat the piercing as an injury. While your artist may give you a relative timeline for healing, it may not be the same. The depth and length of your piercing also determines the healing time.
  • You should eat food before a piercing. You don’t want to faint when the piercing is being done, so make sure that you eat well, so that your blood sugar level is stable. If a full meal is not a choice, grab something that gives you energy.

  • Don’t panic. Yes, piercings do hurt, but long before you will feel the pain, the actual work is done. Anxiety is common, but it is always best to go in alone, instead of taking a friend, because you don’t want to take the nervous energy from them.

If your artist is using a piercing gun for the earlobe, do ask necessary details. It is also a wise idea to consider needle piercing, and insist on using surgical grade stainless steel or gold as your first jewelry. Follow the cleaning instructions as recommended and clean the piercing at least once each day for quicker healing.