The Ultimate Guide to a Ladies Casino Outfit

Now that the casino industry is roaring back to life in Las Vegas following the easing of restrictions, your thoughts may be heading towards paying a visit.

However, when you think of heading to the casino or seeing one in the movies, everyone looks like a million dollars. Some would say that ladies should dress immaculately in gorgeous dresses, men in fine dinner jackets. It’s the quintessential image of perfection. So it can be very difficult to know what to wear, but you may be pleased to see that it’s actually not the case that such formal attire has to be worn in most modern casinos. Whilst there are dress codes that must be adhered to, it’s nowhere near as daunting a prospect as it could be.

Casino dress codes have certainly relaxed over the years, and now there are multiple choices that could be suitable for you. You can decide if you want to go all-in and wear that special dress preferring style over comfort, or you could go for something a little less formal; comfortable but still flattering which is the choice for the more serious players.

But if you’re still not sure, we’re here to help. Let’s take a look at some of our ideas for the best outfits to wear at the casino.

Dressing for play

The most serious of game players may want to dress for the game you intend to play. For the slot player, it could be more of a smart-casual style that suits. Don’t think of casual wear as the first thing you pick up from your closet; consider a sundress, maybe a pair of khakis if you’re thinking of slot play. You may be heading off to play poker, and there are plenty of others doing the same. As suggests, it is one of the world’s most popular pastimes, both online and in a casino. The smart-casual outfit would definitely also fit in at the poker table too. As games potentially last around an hour, it’s better to be comfortable so you can focus on playing the board. However, there are options to accessorize and add to your outfit to not only make it a little different, but perhaps help swing the game in your favor too.

A popular choice is for players to wear dark glasses to avoid giving away their ‘tells’ to make it harder for their opponents. Maybe consider bold coffin nails with sparkling accents like the ones discussed in this article here on Not only do they look fantastic, but imagine if their shimmer were to put someone off their game and give you the advantage too, that would be beautiful.

If you want that glamourous look

If you plan an extraordinary night that isn’t solely focused on gaming, then there is nothing better than really committing to the atmosphere. An evening gown or a cocktail dress is the perfect way to match the ambience of the casino. The classic black dress is ideal, similar to one worn by Jennifer Aniston, but if you want to switch things up a little, consider changing the color with a more neutral tone. Regarding footwear, heeled shoes would be the ideal choice here but remember you will likely be doing a lot of walking, going to the bar, maybe heading from roulette table to the slots, then back to play poker again, etc. So be mindful that you may need to consider the comfort afforded by your choice of footwear too.

We hope you liked some of our suggestions; as you can see, the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing what to wear when heading out for an evening to the casino. You can make your outfit as eye-catching or as understated as you wish, but this all proves it’s not as daunting a place to visit as you maybe first thought.